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foreignfilms produced artist Marco Brambilla's densely hypnotic and kaleidoscopic FERRARI 3D film RPM which premiered at Art Basel Miami. Assembling footage shot on location at the Formula One Grand Prix in Monza with imagery from Ferrari archives and the artist's own recordings, RPM is a visceral, cubist representation of a Formula One driver's state of mind during a race. "I wanted to make a portrait of speed," says Brambilla. "Something as subjective as can be, that explores the connection of man and machine and tests the limits of human endurance." "The film is always accelerating, just building, no payoff, no win." New York-based Brambilla wanted to push the limits of his own aesthetic vocabulary with this project. "This one is a little bit different in that we used 3D as an editing tool". "As the piece speeds up, the foreground, mid-ground and background objects all cycle through each other to create an acceleration in 3D space".